We propose the right strategy of video content for you, from the conception to the creation to the conversion, with marketing results always concrete and measurable. We deal with theming and optimizations of the contents on video channels such as YouTube and Vimeo, and on social media, like Facebook and Instagram.

Why you should choose Videos? 

It’s been shown that our brains elaborate visual contents faster than textual ones

Inserting video in the strategy of content marketing is the most efficient and effective way to convey messages, illustrate ideas and persuade the target audience.

Through engaging and sharing, the video content increases the conversion and the propensity to purchase on the part of the user.

Why it makes sense to take advantage of this instrument:

Increase in conversion rate
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Increase in email open rate
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Of web traffic is generated by video sites
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Sales increase
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Discover how we can help you with our video services

We love to create sensational and engaging videos, true and real stories that help to affirm the brand

How to plan a winning strategy of video content marketing?

Focus on the enterprise and on the market

Let's study your business

Let's set the strategy

Let's define the objectives to reach

Creative Production

Let's create your video marketing campaign across contents, stories, creative and effective videos

Digital Marketing

We follow the promotion and optimization on the web, social media, and other channels


We trace the results to ensure that we obtain the greatest results possible

We will help you to build a balanced programming between the three different types of video processed by Google


This term is referred to a typology of video which envisages the actual use of a “hero” or of an extraordinary event to communicate and create brand awareness, arousing strong emotion in the public. It is a video characterized by a strong creative component, the focus of which is not the product or the enterprise, but the telling of a story: its scope is entertaining. 

For this reason the Hero videos touch themes and trends of an ample range, and reach a wide audience. They get executed approximately 1-2 times a year, because they require a great part of the investment in video advertising and to maintain the sensational video.


After having caught the attention of the target audience, it’s necessary to get it to be loyal, nurturing its passions and interests. To achieve this come the Hub videos, serial videos with which to remain active and present all year, daily, weekly or monthly. 

How to therefore give the user a reason to return to the channel or social page? Creating a format defined from the beginning, through an identifiable communicative style, maintaining  the coherence between video and the values of the brand, and creating suspense.


Videos of the HELP type are useful to better describe a product, the enterprise, or the people that work for it. Their principal scope is in fact that of responding to  the specific needs of the user, disclosing information about the product or helping to resolve a problem, through the tutorial on the site or on  YouTube channel. 

They speak in fact to the clients, during the phase of post-acquisition for example, either to users seeking information or comparing the product to that of other competitors helping the potential clients to make the right purchase, thereby reaching potential clients.

Thereby, it is useful that the HELP video responds to specific queries with a high search volume, that way as it is useful to  create  videos that respond to trends as well as videos that take advantage of more evergreen queries.

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Video of cinema quality and skills in content marketing for production of your BRAND WEB SERIES

Have you ever thought of making web series about your enterprise? Of telling the story of your brand through video contents and targeted to your public?

We of Eurybia Films believe in the force of the WEB SERIES to create a more emotional and lasting relationship between brands and people. Just as in a true tv series, thanks to the seriality and continuity of videos, it’s possible to attract attention and build a direct and loyal relationship between the brand and your target. The key to success is to know how to give an emotion in response to its attention. Entertaining your public you’ll create engagement and brand awareness: the viewer will become potential client.

What’s more, a data driver video format satisfies the social and cultural needs of your well-identified public. 

You define the marketing objectives of your enterprise, and we occupy ourselves with individualizing the most effective and pertinent video contents, from filming to distribution campaigns on media channels.

The advantages: obtaining conversions in a small amount of time

Would you like to tell the story of your Brand?

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