We set the strategy of video marketing specific for you. That means:

All of this influences the colors and the atmosphere of the video, the duration, the dimensions, the soundtrack and the format.

You’ll need a strategy!

Here’s why:

To succeed at individualizing the right solution for communicating in an effective way with your public, creating contents of value, is the only way possible to create ENGAGEMENT.

A direct relation with your consumers will have the effect that your messages will no longer be seen as interruptions of advertising, and avoided, but followed instead because they’ll generate entertainment and inspiration.

Production and Postproduction

This is where Eurybia Films expresses her soul.

It’s about the most creative phase, where all of the operators, from the director to the video maker, from the actors to the operators of editing and post production, will occupy themselves with making a video right for you, given your commodity sector, your objective and distribution channel.

We have high-end equipment for shooting of cinematographic quality, and that allows us to optimize timing and the budget.

Here is the type of video that we make:


Corporate and Institutional

Product and E-Commerce

Presentations for Events and Fairs

Social Channels

Email Marketing



Internal Communication

Television Spots

Web Advertising

Live Streaming


Once you’ve produced the video with which you intend to communicate, it’s necessary to know how to use it to reach your public

Video Advertising

We will occupy ourselves therefore with distribution and promotion of video contents on the web, on social media and through the influencers. We will identify the best channels in line with your target, and we will optimize the contents through key words and timing following the planning of communication and the strategy of advertising campaigns.

The objective is to communicate in the right way through the right channels to the right people. TO HELP YOUR PUBLIC FIND YOUR VIDEOS, TO RAISE THE ENGAGEMENT OF YOUR FOLLOWERS, TO OBTAIN THE MAXIMUM FROM YOUR CHANNELS.

Youtube Channel Optimization

With the aim to treat all of the proprietary digital channels synergistically and within a single unique strategy, we project and optimize even your YouTube channel, in such a way as to turn your enterprise into the editor of the contents, dialoguing directly with your final user.

We will occupy ourselves with:

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