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We mix intuition and rationality, innovation and creativity

Eurybia Films is a creative production company with corporate headquarters in Milan which operates between Italy and the United States. 

Founded by Sabrina Digregorio, producer and director, who after her experience with Atena Films of which she was Founder and President, decided to found a new and international project with the intent to create format video, digital contents and film projects.

Eurybia Films obtained, within an international panorama, the trust of Institutions, Enterprises and Audiences for technical and quality skills of its own productions. It translates the most innovative ideas into reality for the distribution of the completed product.

Thanks to its background in cinema, animation and communication, Eurybia realizes strategies focused on the brand’s needs and creative contents and communications campaigns online and offline.

We develop original contents for entertainment, for use in museums, cultural projects, exhibits and events, projects of Virtual Reality and augmented Reality.

In Eurybia Films we produce video for small and medium-sized enterprises, E-commerce, and single professionals who want to create and strengthen their proper brands.

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Creative Team

Sabrina Di Gregorio

Film Director - Producer - Video Marketing Strategist

emanuela spinetta

Emanuela Spinetta


Marzia Risaliti


Anna Grazia Chiechi

Accounting - Digital Communication Specialist

Emanuela Carucci

Press Office

Eve Harrison

Networking Consultant


Concorso Nazionale di Cortometraggio, Fotografia e Narrativa

Eccellenze del Sud

Giffoni Experience

NYC Independent Film Festival

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